Monday, December 13, 2010


If you take all the ideas that one comes across in day to day life which you think are "Out-Of-The-Box" and put them all in one box, this movie would be OUT of even that box. When I first saw the movie "The Dark Knight" I couldn't make head or tail out of it. I couldn't make out what was going on. I dismissed it as "too-much-complicated". Only after watching the movie 3-4 times since comcast started screening it, did I really understand the lines on which the movie was made and appreciate the stuff that was showcased in it. "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian" turned out to be one of my most favourite dialogues. I slowly realised the time and effort the director should have put into scripting the screenplay of this movie.

Just when I had made up a mental note to follow this director's movies in future I saw that a friend had reviewed Inception in his facebook status. Me, senthil and smitha were already on our way the very next day to see what the buzz was all about. Little did we know that we were in for the most complicated thriller ever taken. The first fight sequence suddenly had water coming in from all sides and the next scene had the actors falling into water tubs. In a few mins Di Caprio was expecting Ellen Page to design a puzzle in 1 minute that take 2 minutes to solve. Then we are suddenly introduced to Shared Dreaming sessions!!!!!!!!!!!! There is not one moment in the movie that you can relax and sit back.

I would like to ask the director if he had a shared dreaming session with like minded people to formulate this idea. I am a fan of such films in particular which have a seperate line of thought as the root of the movie as in The Matrix. Until Inception Matrix was my most favourite movie till date in terms of concept. And as we slowly settle down to dreaming sessions the director brings in another concept of a dream within a dream.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a point in the movie where Ellen Page says "Wait a minute, Whooose sub-concsious exactly are we going into now ????? ". Believe me I was exactly asking the same question. But the good thing was I was not fed up that I didn't understand the movie. The director keeps you occupied in the movie in a way that you dont try to question the logisticsof the movie, you dont question the possibility of the concept, instead you get engrossed in your own interpretation of the story line (Rmbr the red pill - blue pill). If analyzed from a physics point of view there would be a lot of unexplainable concepts in the movie but the screenplay is as gripping and as engrossing that you don't stop to think of irregularities and impossibilities in the movie that Newton would probably not agree with, you just enjoy the movie for what it is.

Lots of people do a lot out of the box thinking but end up with some crap which others cannot agree since the story teller fails to capture the fascination from his thoughts into his narration. As a result the viewers are not able to see, feel and appreciate the fascination in the idea. That is the difference between such other movies and Inception where Nolan stands tall. He has been successful in transfering or infusing the fascination in his thoughts provided by this idea into the brains of the viewers. I have heard many people question this movie a lot but most of such criticisms have been only about ridiculing the scientific base of the movie than about the idea or the presentation. No wonder it is on No.4 in the all time IMDB list.

Great Idea, Great Screenplay, Great presentation, Hats off.

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