Friday, December 25, 2009

Sorgame endralum..... adhu nammoora pola varuma..........

In my 5+ years of work I have run out of the desire to work many a time. If sometimes the work didn't seem interesting, sometimes it was just plain laziness. On one occasion I even refused to work when there was enough work to keep me occupied for days together cause I was pissed off that I didn't want to be in S/W. One of those "self-introspection :P ;)" days I guess that everyone goes through after long boring "Select * from " or "Public static void main[]" sessions.

But Sept - Oct 09 was none of this and I couldn't get myself to even focus a little on the work at hand in office. Not to mention that I am known as one person in all my groups who gets ppl to move their asses around on holidays and weekends, who plans activities and makes ppl feel worthwhile at the end of the day though they start off cursing me for dragging them out of their comfort zones at home. But everyone was asking me during this time, what was I doing, what was I planning, which tourist place would I be found on those weekends and I depressingly used to say "nah, i am gng to be home".

I was so surprised that I couldn't think of ANYTHING else than my Jet Airways flight on Oct 27th morn. I had booked my tickets starting Sept and I couldn't wait to get back home. I was gng to MEET Chinni, eats mom's food, pull dad's leg, drive around my Yamaha. I felt as homesick as I had not felt in all this time at onsite. When I landed at Kamaraj international Airport nothing else mattered, I was HOME. I walked out sweating in my North Face jacket to find Guna waiting with outstretched hands to welcome me. I wanted to apologise to him as soon as I met him but somehow couldn't. Man he looked great, he was expecting his first child and it showed in his face.

As one frnd from my college put it I was a "trouble creator" for everyone. I lived up to my name, I called up chinni from Guna's mobile at 1.20 AM and asked her to come down and open the flat gate in 20 mins. It knocked the wind out of dad and got me a nice scolding as soon as reached home. For the first time in life, even dad's scolding felt so gud, I had missed it in the past 18 months. Chinni hugged me and went round and round. Man, was I happy to see her. Mom sleepily welcomed me and asked me if I had dinner and if I would like to have coffee at 2 AM in the morn. Periya atthai was consoling appa that I am a prankster and that he should expect suprises like this from me. I was so happy that she was there at home and I got to meet her.

I didn't sleep that morning, I started as early as 7 AM to nanganallur to
1) To meet the idiot that I seriously missed in the past few months at onsite.
2) To pick up my mayilvahanam(yamaha) so that I could feel freedom again.

My vacation was only for two weeks and it was so jam packed that I could hardly convince myself that it was over. I loved the fast Adrenaline pumping yamaha rides, the various annoying traffic diversions in Chennai, the newly built Hyd airport, the two marriages of my school frnds that I attended. I was so happy cause they turned out to be really satisfying photographically :). My other frnds made fun out of me that I added to the confusion on stage with my cam where there were already so many, making life difficult for the groom and the bride. Dogs, ennoda "out of focus" photos mattum nalla ukkandhu paathanunga......

Many things were different. Ppl stopped to make way for ambulances, the OMR was one of the best roads and was in the class of the Mumbai-Goa highway, there were more malls, podi dosai at brilliants stall tasted every bit as it did before, sri krishna collections was more freaking costly than what it was before I had left :) :). I got to watch sachin's century at sachin ka dhaba while having chilli gobi with a beautiful girl beside me (though I am not sure how much she enjoyed that :) ). Man I miss all this here.

Now when I think about all this sitting in seattle, it most certainly feels like "Screw this job, Let me catch the next flight and go back home". But reality is reality and I have to work to get myself some bucks so that these things feel as wonderful as they seem to be. So here I am rotting in seattle again back to "Select * from.......". Chinni did not cry the first time I left for onsite, probably it didn't hit her that hard then, but this time around she had tears in her eyes when she bid me farewell at the airport. Maaannnn...... I want to go back home.

I cannot write about everything that I felt and did in 10 days at home, would run out of storage space (as if this is already not long enuf). But it is indeed puzzling and infuriating to know that "all some ppl can think of (and these ppl have a flair and liking for writing) to write after coming back to india after two years" is about some movie that reminds them of their exploits on the LAS Vegas Strip. GRRRRRRR.................................


Venky said...

he he! en da en mela indha kolai veri!

kalakku, super post. :)

me too missing those Seattle long drives with you... seekram join panren.

Shyam said...

i was worried u wont read it until the end :)

Vijay Vaidyanathan said...

Nice one :)

I too miss home and most of the things that you have just described :)

But somehow I wouldn't call my stay outside as also "Rotting in XXXX". Dunno why? At some level, despite being out for more than 3 years, I'm still liking being on my own.

I remember my mom telling me about your 'surprise visit':

Mom: Ippadi dhideernu nadu raathirila vandu ninna, ennamo edhonnu bayandhu poga maataa?

Me: theriyum. Namma aathukku intha surprise ellam othu varaadhu :)

Mom: Munnadiye sollitu vandhirundha, sivaraman ethavadhu ponnu paakardhukku erpaadu panni irupaan. Vandhirukkum podhu adhaiyum mudichittu pogalam

Me: Appadi ethaavadhu pannuvaannu dhaan sollaama vandhirupaan :)

I think that visit also catalyzed all these people into action. Search going on at full swing !!!!

பிரேம்குமார் said...

I almost lauged out loud on reading vijay's comments. I m waiting to see the 'FATHER' guna :-)

Ram said...

Nice post da....

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